Escape Artistry is built on three e's


You are our neighbor on this orbiting rock and by that virtue alone we want you to have a wonderful experience with us. We are thrilled to time travel with you regardless of your color, culture, wealth, age, gender, who you marry, who you vote for, who you pray to, or if you pray at all. As long as you show the same respect for your fellow Escape Artists, you are always welcome here.


Creative minds conquer problems and transcend social barriers. Solving problems in close proximity dissolves fear, stereotypes, and even our own vanity. We support local efforts to improve education and conversation between all walkers of life. If you have a new idea of how we can help in this social endeavor, please let us know!


You will find all types of clues and interesting things as we explore the history of Chicago together, but trust us - you won’t find another planet Earth. We have a responsibility to take care of it.

We are proud to artistically create every set, puzzle, and prop using recycled, post-consumer, or environmentally friendly materials despite the added cost and labor of our tree huggery. When you support us, you are supporting our unique and creative commitment to sustainability.