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Operation G.R.A.N.I.E.

Over the (Chicago) River and through the 'hood to Grandmother's house we go. But hurry, the Greater Retired Alliance of Intelligence and Espionage (G.R.A.N.I.E. for short) needs your help!

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The Dollhouse

The divine nightmare known only as 'The Dollhouse Killer' has sewn a series of psychotic murders. Unravel the mystery and unveil their identity before you are cast in their sinister series.

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Duck and Cover Classroom

One unfortunate agent needs your help to recover radioactive materials misplaced by the Manhattan Project before all of Chicago must ‘duck and cover’!

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Detective vs Dillinger

July 22, 1934... It's a hot summer afternoon. As the mercury rises so do tensions around town. One young detective needs your help with a monumental case: bringing down the infamous John Dillinger and his gang once and for all.

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Pirate Escape Game

Turn of the century pirates on Lake Michigan have you held in their hideout. Make your escape before the tide comes in and their leader, Roaring Dan, makes you walk the plank.

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Sunday 10:30AM–7:00PM
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Tuesday 10:30AM–10:30PM
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Thursday 10:30AM–10:30PM
Friday 10:30AM–11:30PM
Saturday 10:30AM–11:30PM


1342 N. Milwaukee Ave, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60622


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