Escape Artistry is dedicated to producing immersive, imaginative, and innovative room escapes. Guests are given 60 minutes to work together, find the clues, solve the riddle, get the key, and escape. Escape Artistry offers story-driven puzzles that teach you about the world, the people in the room with you, and yourself.

We are the sister company of Room Escape Adventures, which produces ‘Trapped in a Room with a Zombie’ and ‘Trapped in a Room with a Zombie II: Still Hungry’. We are dedicated to working with local artists and organizations, working with local charitable organizations to create unique fundraising events, and fostering a community that values education, curiosity, creative problem solving, tolerance, and empathy.

Creative Team

Master of Mayhem

Maren Rosenberg

Maren Rosenberg is our Master of Mayhem and the owner of Escape Artistry. She’s a Chicago based actor, playwright, and producer who has been ‘locked’ in the Room Escape/Exit Games industry as a producer and designer since 2013 (with no intentions of escaping any time soon). Maren has a BFA in Acting and Theatre Arts from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She is the former Executive Producer for Room Escape Adventures which produces ‘Trapped in a Room with a Zombie’ and ‘Trapped in a Room with a Zombie II: Still Hungry’.

Officer of Obstacles

Melissa Schlesinger


Melissa Schlesinger, the Officer of Obstacles, is a multi-disciplinary creative mercenary specializing in MacGyvering and magic. A product of the midwest, she earned her BS in Theatre Production from Bradley University with a minor in Studio Art. After creating haunts, stage designs, and working with Maren at Room Escape Adventures, she is excited about creating a completely interactive world.

Controller of Chaos

Grace Pisula


Grace Pisula, the Controller of Chaos, is Escape Artistry’s Digital Media Producer. Grace operates as a one-woman arthouse developing custom solutions in a changing media landscape through innovative ideas and emerging techniques. Grace is proud to serve her local Chicago community through photography, video, graphics, and animation services. Grace earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media from Bradley University in 2013.

Houdini the Pidgeon

Houdini the Pidgeon is a Master Escape Artist. Houdini is here to help all Escape Artistry guests feel welcome and have fun!

You can spot Houdini on our social media channels (Tweet at us @EA_Houdini) and in the halls of the Flat Iron Arts Building - where he guides guests through winding halls to reach Escape Artistry's original escape room The Railcar.

” Coo coo coo Cooo COOO *feather ruffle* coo coo. Cooo coo coo"