Escape Artistry is excited to offer outstanding corporate team consultation and team building experiences at affordable rates. An unforgettable hour spent in one of our rooms will help your team build stronger bonds and learn how to work together, not to mention give them a whole lot to talk about at the water cooler on Monday morning!

Trained observers will provide the whole team, as well as managers, with an educated outsider’s eye. Post-show talk, private written notes, and more are available upon request. Whether it’s a helpful way to start a new team on the right track from day one, assess if a team is ready to grow, or discover whether a team is operating as efficiently as possible, Escape Artistry is here to help with your team building needs.

Placing teams in a new immersive environment takes them out of their comfort zone and can allow individuals to show talents that go unnoticed in their current office role or job description. For this hour it’s only about results; titles are unimportant. From salesman to CEO, Escape Artistry can recognize the strengths and weaknesses on both the individual and team level.


  • Organization
  • Effectiveness of communication skills
  • Attitude and ability to work together under a deadline
  • Balance of work types (multi-taskers vs detail-oriented)
  • Effectiveness of problem-solving approaches
  • Team morale and emotional health
  • Who might be natural leaders?
  • Who has great ideas but is too shy to speak up?
  • Who works best with specific direction vs. working independently?
  • Who works well with deadlines?
  • Who has a positive attitude?
  • Who thinks of the team before themselves?
  • Optional verbal feedback session
  • Written and/or digital notes regarding the team
  • Group photos


  • Private conference room with amenities (coming soon)
  • Brainstorming and thoughtful sessions after the Room Escape team building session
  • Nearby restaurants, cocktail lounges and other entertainment to complement the team building experience

EATS near The Time Gallery

  • Big and Littles (Good Food Good Vibes): Tacos, Sandwiches, Burgers, Fries, Drinks all served with GREAT vibes
  • Antique Taco (Fun, Fancy, Tacos.)
  • Umami Burger (Burger Bar): A little further of a walk then our other recommendations but mmmmmmm their burger is our favorite. Vegetarian options are available as well. Full bar.
  • Taste of Lebanon (Falafel and Grill): Lovely lentils, tasty tabbouleh, fantastic falafel, and yes, you should also get the waffle fries.
  • Emporium 28 Draft Beers, 47 Arcade Games, 11 Pinball Machines, outside food welcome.

EATS near The Railcar

  • Furious Spoon (Ramen):
    Delicious Ramen set to the sounds of 80’s and 90’s hip hop. (They will not turn down the music). Want a quieter space for Ramen? Try Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya
  • Dimos (Pizza and Beer):
    Enjoy a super creative slice of pizza and/or select your own sassy salads, beer and other beverages. Want something a little more sports bar? Try Piece Pizza around the corner.
  • Bru (Café & Private Room):
    Café with great art on the walls. Delicious crepes, salads, sandwiches, raw juice, smoothies, coffee, and tea. Bru has a private room to rent in the back.
  • Doves (Comfort Food):
    Locally sourced comfort food. Great for Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner. Rather have tacos? Big Star is next door (and owned by the same management).
  • Cafe Robey has beautiful food, great wine list, and is great for a slightly more formal brunch or dinner.  Want a relocate for a cocktail? Take the elevator to the 13th floor inside the Robey and check out the view and drinks at Up & Up, or walk one block to Violet Hour.


    After Robey & Hollander...  
    Or consider staying with our friends at the Wicker Park Inn

SHOP local 

*We don’t currently offer souvenirs but these places would be great to pick up something special to remember your adventure

  • Secret Agent Supply Co (Shop in the front, Social Change in the back)
    Buy all your spy supplies (gizmos, disguises) and support local literacy programs!
  • Transit Tees (Chicago EVERYTHING)
    All sorts of Chicago themed goodies.


  • Want to stay in Wicker Park? Check out rooms at The Robey & The Hollander
    • They have an on-site pool, restaurants, and conference spaces