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The Dollhouse - Esc Room Addict Review

"Upon entering the room, we felt like we had walked into a bedroom from the 80s! Everything in the room felt “80s,” from the decorations in the room to the props, even the furniture felt like it was from that decade.  One of our favorite small details was the handwriting that felt like something we could have pulled out of our notebooks from when we were in school (great job, Nina!).  This was a very creative and well-working set design that used almost no technology, which is not a downfall by any means. Because the quality of the room was so 80s and fit the theme so well, we found ourselves easily immersed into this set.  We really did feel like we were in the bedroom of an 80s killer, and as we progressed through the room, we felt like we were unfolding more of the story about this person.  While we did not feel scared at any point in this room, the “creep” factor was definitely there as you progress through the story."

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