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Cast your Vote in the Time Out Chicago Love Awards

It's time for the Love Awards!!

Time Out Chicago is asking the public to vote for their favorite local spots in the city - from music venues to places to drink in the sun! Other categories also include shops, club/party, landmarks, LGBTQ hangouts, restaurants, parks, culture spots, movie theaters, and coffee places. We are thrilled to have been nominated as one of the city's favorite culture spots. So if you also love our games, visit Time Out Chicago and cast your vote!

Things you should know:

You get one vote per category - that's 12 votes! To participate you need to be logged in to Time Out. You can either create an account using an e-mail address or connect via Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Time to Vote

Visit Time Out Chicago Love Awards web page. Use the interactive form to start casting your votes!

Vote Escape Artistry - The Railcar in Landmark category.
Vote Escape Artistry - Time Gallery in Culture Spots category.

Thank you for supporting local business in Chicago. We love you!

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