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  • 9 things to do in Wicker Park and Bucktown this weekend

    Get Trapped In a Room. The Escape Artistry team has added a second "escape room" in addition to its popular Railcar. In the immersive "Doll Killer," guests are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to work together on solving a murder mystery. Click Here to read more...

  • Escape Artistry is excited to announce the opening of its second location: The Time Gallery

    The Time Gallery is dedicated to protecting Chicago history. The new facility is located at 1342 N. Milwaukee Avenue – 2nd Floor just minutes away from Escape Artistry’s first room escape experience – The Railcar.

  • The Dollhouse: Uncover the identity of a glam, B-horror movie slasher!

    The Dollhouse: The divine nightmare known only as ‘The Dollhouse Killer’ has sewn a series of psychotic murders. Unravel the mystery and unveil their identity before you are cast in their sinister series. Click here to read more...

  • Puzzling in Chicago. A handy guide from the mystery league.

    Our friends at Escape Artistry — producers of the highly successful Railcar escape game — have just announced their newest endeavor, The Time Gallery. It's five escape rooms in one place, each a dive into the past or future. Click here to read more...

  • 14 Things to do in Wicker Park/ Bucktown without stuffing your face.

    Love can get tricky. So, what is better than showing your partner or friends how smart you are when trying to get yourself out of a difficult situation such as Wicker Park’s premier escape room! Click here to read more...

  • Spiel Chicago Episode 13 – Maren Rosenberg

    Maren Rosenberg is a local performer who moved to Chicago after a stint as an artist in residence in the West Bank.  Now her company, Escape Artistry, is opening a second location this year featuring five new room escape events.  What is a room escape?  Listen in to learn about it as well as Maren’s time as an artist in residence overseas....

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  • Escape from the L with Brains, Not Brawn

    “Please, everyone, there’s no need to panic. We’re going to get you out of here,” blurts a disembodied voice in a Chicago accent as thick as Ditka’s mustache. I’ve just paid $30 to be locked inside a convincing facsimile of an L car crammed into a small studio in the Flatiron Arts Building in Wicker Park. In the distance, the sound of the actual train heightens the authenticity. My companions are five 20-something bros geeked to get their neurons firing during a nerdtastic bachelor party.

    We’re only 10 seconds into our joy ride when things abruptly go off track. The lights flicker, and a shadowy computer-hacker character appears on a fuzzy TV screen to deliver the bad news: Due to some sort of postapocalyptic catastrophe, we’re speeding toward certain death. Our only chance for survival is to solve the riddles scattered around the train car. We have 60 minutes, which begins … now...

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  • Rose Phillips

    Wow! Hop aboard Escape Artistry's escape room in Wicker Park, 1579 N Milwaukee Ave! They are a locally grown (which we love) and built their railcar using recycled material (which we also also)! Book your spot today!...

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    Escape rooms with an artistic approach, Escape Artistry is the sister company of Room Escape Adventures, known for “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie” and “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie II: Still Hungry”. Escape Artistry offers immersive, imaginative and innovative room escapes. In its first room “The Railcar”, a team of up to ten members must solve the puzzles, crack the codes and stop the train from an impending disaster...

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  • Escape Room Challenge in Chicago

    Shortly after we take our seats inside a room that looks eerily like an L train car, the lights go out. A few seconds later, a video screen illuminates the darkness. A man tells us that our train will crash in exactly one hour unless we solve the puzzles hidden around us to get the key to our escape. Then the screen switches to a digital countdown clock, and the lights return.

    I look at the strangers to my left, and my husband at my right. What now?...

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  • Escape Artistry – The Railcar

    Made entirely out of recycled and reclaimed materials, we had to escape a railcar set in the future after Chicago’s third fire. The world had burned and people had to rebuild with what was around.

    The Railcar was built as a proper railcar within their facility. The doors opened like a railcar, it was shaped like a railcar, and it looked like a railcar – inside and out...

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  • Get Locked In A Room For Fun: 4 Escape Games To Try In Chicago

    A room escape game is exactly what it sounds like: a game in which you're locked in a room, and you have to figure out how to get out. You have one hour. (For some reason, the time frame is always one hour.) These games are sort of like going to a jail where jailbreaks happen hourly—spooky, but not too spooky, because the space is littered with clues to help you escape. Often, you'll stumble on helpful letters from fictional people, or a riddle whose answer unlocks a combination lock, or just, randomly, a key...

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  • Escape The Railcar: A mental maze for group fun

    CHICAGO -- It takes wits, communication, and a sharp mind … and still that may not be enough, to Escape the Railcar.

    Escape Artistry's rail car is inside the Flat Iron Building in Wicker Park is an adventure for corporate team building, date night, family game night and even charity fundraisers.

    Ten brave travelers step onto a Chicago railcar for a commute that is like none before. There are no stops and it is up to them to make out alive...

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  • Brian Noonan Show 6/26/16: Pride Parade, Lucas Museum, and Escape Artistry

    Brian attended the Chicago Pride Parade for the first time—and he had a great time marching with the WGN Radio crew! Hear him recount the tale before discussing the recent news of Chicago losing the George Lucas Museum. Then, Brian welcomes Maren Rosenberg and Melissa Schlesinger of Escape Artistry into the studio to talk about their “escape room,” which he and his producer Cody had the opportunity to experience over the weekend. Hear about the behind-the-scenes of the escape room and whether Brian and Cody “escaped” from it within the 60-minute time limit! Brian and Cody talk a bit about their experience before turning their attention to a new segment “Swords in the News,” followed by Karen Conti joining the program to talk about the Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” lawsuit before answering legal questions from listeners...

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  • New Wicker Park Show Traps Patrons in Simulated 'L' With No Easy Escape

    WICKER PARK — Imagine being trapped in a train and having just a single hour to escape during a futuristic Chicago setting.

    That's the premise of "The Railcar," a new "room escape" play in Wicker Park's Flat Iron Iron building that will require patrons to be part of the immersive action...

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  • 'Escape rooms' opening up across Chicago will lock you up for fun

    Behind the door of a room in Wicker Park's historic Flat Iron building are five friends who are trapped, desperate for means of escape. They jiggle combination locks, testing one permutation after another. They mutter riddles under their breaths. They study complex diagrams. They trace their fingers across the walls, feeling around for hidden clues.

    "It's a math problem!" shouts Nina D'Angier, after cracking a clue. "Hey, Math Guy, come here." She tosses a marker to her husband, Aaron, the group's math expert, who begins scribbling numbers on a white board...

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  • No Escaping the Logistics: “Room Escape” Theater Business Faces Challenges From the Start

    Maren Rosenberg has a puzzle for you. But she’s also got one of her own.

    Rosenberg, Master of Mayhem/Principal Producer, has been working with a team of creative professionals to open Escape Artistry, featuring “immersive” room escapes: games in which participants use elements within one room to solve puzzles, find clues and escape the room within a set time limit...

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  • Neon - What Getting Locked in a Room Taught Me About Fundraising

    The timer on the bomb had seven seconds left. Our team was working furiously to get the control panel off the bottom of a railcar seat. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t escape in time.

    Last night, several members of the NeonCRM team attended a new form of entertainment called an escape room. These are events where either you and strangers or (in our case) a team of co-workers band together to solve puzzles to achieve the ultimate goal of unlocking the door and getting out...

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