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Chicagoland Escape Rooms

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Escape Artistry was featured on Basharoo's website as one of the best escape rooms in Chicagoland! Read the entire article here.

Escape Rooms are the hottest group activity in town, and plenty of escape rooms have been opening up all around the Chicagoland area. Groups get "locked" into a room and must find clues and solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape. It's a great group party activity for older kids and teens looking for a fun and challenging experience.

Escape Artistry

The Time Gallery: 1342 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
The Railcar: Flatiron Arts Building, 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave. Ste 350, Chicago

Located in Wicker Park, Escape Artistry offers Chicago-centric room escapes with an artistic approach, with a story-driven room escapes in immersive environments that give guests 60 minutes to work together in order to escape. Pirates on Lake Michigan, Dillinger at the Biograph Theatre, a run-away Railcar, 1980's B horror movies and, by the way, did you know your Grandmother is a secret agent? These are the adventures for escape artists of all ages and skill levels.

Private birthday parties at Escape Artistry are best for ages 8 and up. A popular theme for kids is the "Railcar," which has a maximum of 12 kids/1 adult. In the "Railcar," kids will be greeted by a "platform conductor," then enter the railcar, where a routine ride quickly turns into a race against time. A comic book style villain has tampered with the train and sent it flying down the tracks toward the center of Chicago. Mysterious puzzles and riddles found in the railcar offer clues, and it's up to the group to unravel the mystery, crack the codes, stop the train, and save the city before time runs out.

Escape Artistry is a locally owned, designed, managed, and operated room escape company, working exclusively with Chicago based artisans and sourcing as many products as possible from Chicago based companies. The "Railcar" room is built mainly out of found objects and recycled junk/scrap materials (license plates, discarded lumber from theatrical sets etc), in line with our dedication to reducing our company's carbon footprint and working with green/recycled/repurposed materials.


Choose Your Mission! 

At Escape Artistry our escape rooms are "Chicago Original". All 6 of our games are handcrafted by local Chicago artists with custom puzzle games you won't find anywhere else! 

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